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The VQWiki release schedule

On this page, you can track the current release schedule for the VQWiki project. It also lists times for the so-called "code freeze". This is the time after which no more changes are allowed to be made in CVS until the project has completed its new release. This also means that any bug-fixes, enhancement requests, etc. from users are automatically re-scheduled for a different release when necessary.

As a project, we would like to ask your understanding for these release schedules. We hope to create a more stable and overall better product by keeping closely to the schedule. Also, these schedules make it more clear what you can expect from us as a project.

Previous Releases

Active development

Release v3.0.0 Alpha (Alpha)

Release date: Currently unscheduled.
Code freeze : Currently unscheduled.
Status: Please see http://www.vqwiki.org/wiki/jsp/Wiki?vqwiki3-status

Currently unscheduled. The first version 3 release will need a lot of work. You patience is much appreciated.

Maintenance only releases

Release v2.8.1

Release date: March 1st 2009
Code freeze: March 1st 2009
SVN Tag: vqwiki-2.8.1
Status: released

Latest stable release.

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