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Help out the VQWiki project.

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VQWiki, also known under its full name "Very Quick Wiki", is Wiki server software written using JSPs and Java Servlet technology. It is designed to install and run with minimum effort on range of java application servers such as Tomcat. VQWiki is FREE software and is covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The sourcecode and downloads are hosted at Sourceforge.


Some of the features that are included in VQWiki are: file- or database-based persistency, switchable parsers, virtual wikis, emailed change notifications and more.


"I use VQWiki to keep track of the endless details involved in maintaining a JBoss server farm - And other usefull java development details and trivia. Basically I'll lookup a technique - then transfer the 'need to know' details into the wiki so that I save time the next time I have to do something.
Bottom line - it saves me LOTS of time! Thanks for the hard work on the software, I really appreciate it.

This is a very nice wiki, it was easy to install on JBoss, does its job and has worked perfectly. Highly recommended."
-- EzRez Software, Inc.

"I set up VQWiki in 10 minutes (including download time) and haven't had to do a single administrative task in the month that we've been using it.

This wiki implementation has proved to be just right for our needs; we initially set it up as a repository for coding examples, but we've found other great uses since then. Design discussions, previously done in email threads, have been moved to Wiki pages; this gives us more durable documentation of our thought processes. It's also, in a small way, created more of a sense of community within our development team."

Simple and does what it says ... Very Quick To Install and Very quick to get Started .... thanks a lot ....

"...VQWiki is an awesome, simple product..."

"...let me say that I was really glad to see a servlet/JSP based wiki. It installed very easily and quickly, and I was up an running in no time."

"...thanks for a great drop-in product! This is just what our team needs to discuss Goals and Objectives throughout the year -- not as linear as a forum or blog, more flexible than a custom web app, and the linking is perfect."

"...I'm impressed... it's very handy and its installation is easy for even a non-developer like me..."

If you would like to send us your own testimonial, we will place it here.

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